La Boca Cabarete is one of those pristine, eco-friendly tour locations we love when visiting Cabarete`s off the beaten path attractions. The Yasica river meets the Atlantic ocean here, just outside Sabaneta. Following the Camino del Sol all the way to the end, one reaches the sandy beach, with its characteristic sand dunes, mangroves and coconut palms.

Many come here to take the river tour, practice kitesurfing, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, river fishing, swimming or just enjoying the food and drinks at Wilson`s La Boca Restaurant.  The Islabon river tour is quite interesting, to watch the local flora, fauna and a small zoo at the end with alligators, iguanas, large spiders, snakes and other local species.


visitors enjoying lunchseafood at La BocaYoung girls eat at La BocaA family eating at Wilson`s La BocaSunday at La BocaTourists having a drink in La BocaA family in SUPDogs also enjoy the weatherA couple at Wilsonsguitar singer at La BocaWilson`s La Bocastand up paddle at La Boca CabareteBoat sailing byjet ski docked in the beachVisitors to La BocaThe dock at Wilson`sSandy beach of la BocaA crab hunter boy in La BocaSwaying palms flank the entrance to La BocaKitesurfer in La BocaChildren play at the dockKitesurfer close up in La BocaView of Wilson`s from the shoreVisitors take the boat at La BocaKitesurfing at La BocaDock at Wilson`sKitchen at Wilson Restaurant in La BocaCrab and shellfish platterVisitors at Wilson`s

The restaurant is on the other side of the shore, with free boat shuttle. It has a rudimentary kitchen of pans and pots fueled with driftwood, mostly fried fish, rice, plantains, salads, and shellfish of great taste. There are several tables and covered areas with thatched roofing, enough so groups can have their own space. La Boca is a true escape to nature, a perfect complement to the party lifestyle, to recharge batteries and clear the mind.

Kitesurfing in La Boca:

Several tour operators offer tours to La Boca, Wilson`s restaurant and the river tour. It only takes about 10 minutes from the heart of Cabarete Beach to reach the entrance to La Boca, and then about a 5 minute drive through a sandy road all the way into the river shore where it meets the ocean and the sand dunes.

ATVs are perfect to visit La Boca, then take a kayak or SUP up the river, stop by for a drink or fried fish at Wilson`s and visit the mini zoo. Cabarete Horseback riding tours are also visiting La Boca from the Islabon horse farms, another great tour of the area.

Map Location of La Boca Cabarete:

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