Kite Beach is considered world-class for kitesurfing, next to Bozo Beach and about a 3-4 min drive to Cabarete Beach. This is a favorite spot for water sports lovers, and many kitesurfing schools are found along the beach. Given the nice year-long weather of the Dominican Republic, kiteboarding is possible in every season (busiest on summer).

The reef in Kite Beach is quite flat, making it an ideal spot for learning, and the local schools are all certified and trained. More experienced kite surfers can ride downwinder towards Bozo or Encuentro Beach, following the wind. This beach is located about 2km (1.2 miles) West of Cabarete, has fine light golden sand with summer temperatures of 27-28 degrees, and winter 25-27 degrees. The winds vary between 20-30 knots, slower in the morning.

Kite Beach offers Cabarete villa rentals, hotels, restaurants and schools. This beach is suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced kiters. Some tips: beware of sea urchins in the shallow reef, which also contain sharp corals; strong currents and busy days with lots of people on the reef, specially those who want to show off. Another good spot for kitesurfing is La Boca, the Yasica river mouth.

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