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Yamazato Sushi restaurant in Cabarete has been the top Asian cuisine spot in the area since it opened in 2008, offering a well balanced menu that combines the best of Thai, Japanese and Chinese. 

Their entrées, lunch specials ( Carite Furai with Salmon skin roll, Chicken Teriyaki ) and their delicious appetizers ( egg rolls shrimp & Yamazato logoBacon, Crab Croquettes, Pork Wonton) set them apart.

Sushi is the ultimate Japanese culinary art, and perhaps the most famous food export of Japan. With its delicious flavor and colorful form, it actually evolved over the years into an international phenomenon full of varieties.

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Their menu keeps torturing Sushi aficionados like us, with Tom Yum soup, dumplings, Tempura white fish, Shrimp, vegetables or mixed. The Sushi roll selection is too extensive to include here, you can see it on their FB page, just hit the menu tab.

Sashimi lovers will have options like the Tuna Sashimi, Carite, Salmon, Octopus or the three kinds. There`s also a Sushi/Sashimi combo priced around $23 dollars but it is worth every penny. When you believe you have had it all, try the Nigiri Sushi; excellent choice in many varieties shown in the Yamazato Menu.

Sushi is one of the best nutritional sources available to us, which may be one reason people are turned off by it. There are some people that have it in their head that all health food is going to taste bad. Others may be turned off by the fact that it is seafood.

Sushi is packed with lean protein, nutrients, and is low in fat. And of course, it tastes like culinary heaven. A couple of other healthy parts to sushi are the seaweed wrap, wasabi and ginger. The seaweed wrap, which is called nori, is rich with vitamins and minerals that get lost with many other kinds of foods.

As for wasabi and ginger, they contain antibacterial qualities and ginger also aids digestion and improves circulation. When traveling to the North Coast of Dominican Republic, stop by Yamazato if you are a Sushi lover or just a beginner to this  epicurean food religion. Cabarete Beach is within walking distance to the restaurant.

Yamazato Sushi Restaurant
Plaza Ocean Dream
Cabarete, Dominican Republic
Tel. 809-571-0814  |  On Instagram

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